The dreaded before / after

So, here’s the thing.  I don’t like the concept of selfies.  I’m not someone who feels I need to be a public person and I don’t crave attention. On the contrary, I shy away from it. However, since I’ve written the book, I’ve had no choice but to put myself out there a bit. Plus, it would be disingenuous to NOT show a before and after pic after writing about weight loss, right?  So brace yourselves!  Here we go.

Fair warning, though:  My ‘selfies’ will always be unconventional and average, and the ‘before’ is shocking to even me!  I guess we never really see ourselves as we are.

The ‘before’ was in 2008, on the first day we visited our integrative wellness practitioner.  The ‘after’ pics were July 8, 2015 AND I’ve lost yet another 2 pounds since then!

I told you the selfies would be, um, ‘different’.  😉  Now you’re wondering what I’ll be doing the next RARE time I post a pic of me!

Before 2008 AfterJuly82015AAfterJuly82015B

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