I’m Excited! The proof is here, the proof is here!

Ok, so it’s just the proof.  It’s not ‘the new phone book’s here!’ (i.e. The Jerk movie).  But I’m still excited to be able to hold my little book!  Book proof frontLuckily, I think there are no further changes and it is good to go, so will be approving it this evening.

It should be available on Amazon for purchase (along with the e-book which is already available) in the next day or so.

I hope others will learn and grow from my experience.  It has been rewarding to me and exciting for me to feel I could help others who may have had the same struggles.

This isn’t just about weight loss and wellness.   The meditation method I use for myself can benefit anyone with any problem or concern.

Get in touch with your guides, your soul and  your path through  meditation and enjoy all the miracles that life has to offer.

I’m sending my best wishes to all, hoping that you’ll benefit as I have, and as I continue to benefit.



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