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In my journey into meditation and into mindfulness, I have come to be aware of signs in my life.  Daily little synchronicities, coincidences and signs are everywhere and I feel they are our guides’ way of pointing us in the right direction, or even simply letting us know that they’re there for us.

ButterfliesI have come to pay attention to a wayward butterfly crossing my path, or a dragonfly darting around me when there are no others.  I notice cloud formations that have meaning to me.  And I notice little things in my life that tell me those I love who are on the other side, are reminding me that they’re with me.

Humans become far too involved in day-to-day living, to the point of ignoring what is truly important on this planet.  We begin to base our lives, our hearts, our direction and our decisions on unimportant minutia.  I mean, seriously, do you really want to stay angry at the inane customer service agent on the phone to the point it stops you from experiencing something beautiful, or from experiencing messages and direction from your angels and guides.  You know, your anger or grief will do that.  dove cloudAnd our angels, guides and loved ones on the other side cannot help us unless we ask for their help and unless we listen for them.

Some of the best times to listen are when you surrender yourself totally to nature. Sitting in nature, breathing in fresh air and enjoying all that is around you is not only calming but it allows you to connect with the planet and thus, connect with the help and love that surrounds you.  When you’re angry, when you’re not in the moment, you miss a lot of the beauty that is your gift from earth.

Signs generally have meaning only to you. The image in this post of the clouds is an example.  I’ve recently lost someone who I loved dearly, who was like a second mother to me.  My heart has been hurting since her passing in May.  In two visits to her home in SW Florida, I have seen a few signs that tell me she’s with  me in spirit.  On the trip home the first time, I was feeling particularly lost and then I saw this cloud which to me, is an amazing bird. I knew that I was not alone in my feelings.

On another trip, I realized that she was sending me iris!  I came upon a cup that I was compelled to buy and now I know why.  Iris cupShe loved Iris!

And then I saw iris in many other places (note the bedspread below).

So, my message today is to not ever let these special moments go unnoticed.  They are there for your benefit and to help you with whatever you’re struggling with, be it grief, loss, love or any of the myriad of other of life’s struggles.

And then there are numbers.  But that’s for another post another day.



Mother Nature at her best

I feel so blessed to have spent a week by the sea.  It was perfect to wake every morning to dolphins in front of the beach front house, to turtles lazing in the early afternoon on the surface of the water briefly before diving again, to manatees drifting along at their own pace, to the first of the pelicans from up north, feasting on the small bait fish close to shore, to the ospreys showing off their freshly caught fish, and to the heartbeat of the sea in the form of steady, gentle surf action.Simple Peace

Left is a still and here is a small video sample (hopefully the link will work): 30 Seconds of Peace   No, there is nothing ‘about to happen’.  It is just this and nothing else.

This is renewal for me.  It brings me closer to nature and reminds me that we all need this planet, and the planet needs help.

This week has emphasized the importance of spending more time connected to nature. My priorities become clearer.  My meditations become far more meaningful and far more emotional.  I feel re-dedicated to my personal goals, which involve helping this planet and those who need the most help – the animals.

I feel very humble and amazingly blessed.





Fight stress by immersing yourself in nature – and meditate!


An example of LOW stress!

Stress is often at the basis of disease.  While stress can be helpful when you need an extra boost of energy for something like an exam or a job interview, most stress is not helpful.   ‘Good’ stress is what triggers the fight or flight syndrome.  This results in a chemical reaction when a threat to survival is perceived, and triggers a physiological reaction. It’s essentially a survival instinct.

Our bodies, however, are not meant to live in constant ‘fight or flight’ or stress mode.  Chronic stress can often be the trigger for mental and physical disease. Constant worry about family or life can result in chronic stress symptoms.  PTSD is a prime example of the mental component that comes with chronic stress.

With chronic stress, you can count on high levels of cortisol and other corticosteroids circulating in the blood for a long period of time. Over the long term, mental and physical damage may occur. Symptoms such as depression, sleep problems and anxiety are not uncommon.  Your body will react with high blood pressure, digestive problems and heart disease. It doesn’t take much of this abuse for your immune system to become compromised.  A healthy body embodies a strong defense mechanism, whereas all organs, cells, tissues and systems work together to fight disease and infection.  When stress is present, you will see chronic inflammatory conditions, and a lower threshold to weather infections and situations where healing is necessary.

The best way to fight stress is to immerse yourself in nature as much as possible.  Even a short walk every day gives you an opportunity to see trees, nature and your surroundings in a new light.

Hana waterfall

Hana Waterfall. What a great place for a nap!

And a vacation?  A week or more can set your body on the road to healing. If you make your holiday relaxing and stay away from stressful situations, crowds and schedules, you will come home with a healthier body and a healthier outlook.  Well, that said, it’s important to eat right when on vacation.  The last thing you want is stomach distress from eating the wrong things.  The past three years, we’ve rented a condo or a house on a beach (Maui or Southwest Florida).  Since we were close to excellent organic foods in all locations, and since we love to cook, we ate out rarely and made marvelous meals with healthy local foods. We slept late if we wanted to.  We toured if we wanted to.  We napped if we wanted to.  And believe it or not, we came home without a single extra pound!  How’s THAT for a vacation with benefits!

And finally, daily mediation will make a big difference.  If a vacation isn’t on your schedule or vacation time is nowhere in sight, there’s meditation.  Since I began my daily meditation practice every morning, my health is far better, my stress levels far lower and my outlook on life is far brighter. Not only did I lose weight, I’ve found that the peace and joy of meditation carries over into my daily life.  My book “Mediate the Pounds Away: How I Met My Weight Loss and Wellness Goals Through Meditation” includes detailed meditations and visualizations for weight loss, but there is no need to stop there.  Meditation allows you to examine your life, quietly, and to quiet your mind and allow information to flow.  You can calm your body, your spirit and your heart.

Meditation is also a great way to meet goals in your life.  You can meditate your way to better golf, better relationships, better health, and better business practices as well.

Once your cats and dogs are past the rambunctious kitten and/or puppy stage, they will enjoy meditating with you as well.  They feel your energy and your calm.  You can see a real difference in your entire household.

I highly recommend it and I’m living proof that it works.  My life is calmer, my anger threshold has almost (not entirely) disappeared, and my ability to see to the heart of a problem has increased to the point that everyday issues have become a ‘no brainer‘ to me.

Pet, hug and kiss your kittens and your pups.  Show love and affection to your family members.  And meditate.  You will find that you are LIVING your life authentically, and no longer simply reacting to life.