Upcoming promotions

Happy Friday, all.  So there are a few upcoming promotions.

We’ll be doing the first of several free eBook promotions with Amazon probably September 3rd and 4th.  It’s a great time to download for holiday reading without hitting your pocketbook.  Keep an eye out for it.  We’ll be promoting on this site and on social media.  As always, we simply ask that you write a review – and try to relax and enjoy!

tshirtAlso coming soon, a limited time promotion:  free T-shirts for those who spread the word about the book and write reviews on Amazon for the book.  WRITE A REVIEW!

We’ll need of course, your contact information and the best way to give that to us is through comments here on the blog.

For book dealers and resellers, we’re offering free materials to help you to promote the book such as rack cards and tees with your direct orders.  Simply email to Suki@SukiSMiller.com for more details.

Please tell your friends, SHARE on Facebook, retweet on Twitter, rate us on GoodReads.com and spread the word!


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