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Don’t forget the rest of your body!

It seems I’m constantly working on my skin to encourage it to tighten and smooth after the excess fat vacated.   Since I’m very diligent about using products that are good for the skin and are not overloaded with chemicals, I often turn to making my own products.  For sunscreen, though, I’m finding very little that isn’t heavy on the chemicals.  I’ve been using LaRoche-Posay Anthelios 40 Sunscreen Cream with Mexoryl SX, SPF40.  Yup, it’s a mouthful to say!

Good Sun Cream

It rates well, a 2, on’s sunscreen ratings.  It does give good protection, it doesn’t smell like most sunscreens but it’s a bear to blend in. It can leave a white cast to the skin.  It doesn’t have a greasy finish.  However, I’m looking for something better.

In Europe, there are many healthy sun products available.  However, they have not been ‘approved’ here in the US so we’re stuck with whatever toxins the manufacturers sell – and the government approves.

I urge you to do as I’m doing – digging through’s site for something that is not toxic, that will protect and who knows, maybe even be GOOD for us all!   I’ll be writing about my findings more in the next month, and I encourage you to contribute and comment.  Let us all know what you find!

(Edit:  I just read this on EWG’s site:  Looks like what I have noted above, is about the best we can hope for here in the US for now.  I find it interesting that the FDA claims to be protecting us from dangerous chemicals, yet they approve anything Big Pharma asks them to approve, with long lists of deadly side effects. )

For overall skin conditioning, I make my own body oil blend of essential oils in either a coconut oil or jojoba base and use it immediately after a bath or shower.

I have a number of excellent recipes for skin and body products that are homemade, and I will be sharing some of the recipes in the future.

OH, and something I failed to mention on the facial regimine’s original posts:  WHATEVER YOU DO FOR YOUR FACE, DO FOR YOUR HANDS.  That’s right.  Use the same toners, serums, creams, masks and treatments on the back of your hands and your decollette as well as your face.


You CAN Tighten the Skin with Nature’s Help

QueenOfTheHiveCreamBees are wonderful creatures.  Without them, we’d have no flowers, no fruits, no vegetables and no honey!  This product is all about the bee.  I use this after cleansing, toning and any toners or glycolics.

I began using this product in early May.  My interest in this product was triggered by the amazing appearance of the glowing Kate Middleton on the steps of the hospital hours after she gave birth.  Yes, of course, I know she had a massive team effort involved in that unbelievable presentation, and I’m sure she collapsed immediately upon getting into the vehicle for the ride home.  And of course, she’s only 33 years old.  One article commented that she was a great advocate of a bee venom facial cream from a London spa, that had been introduced to her by her mother-in-law.

SO, I looked up pictures of her mother-in-law, the Dutchess of Cornwall,  and in doing so, I realized that she seemed to have shed years from her face as of late.   I didn’t find the exact cream in my price range, but in researching, I did find what I would consider to be a good quality cream from a good company, Wedderspoon.  I’ve used the organic Manuka honey from this New Zealand company for many years and they have a good reputation.  Now they have a Face Contour Cream with Manuka Honey and Bee Venom.   After cleansing, toning and lightening serum (with hyaluronic acid) in the mornings, I apply this over my entire face, neck, back of hands and even my eyelids.   Before bedtime, I cleanse, tone, use the lightening glycocide cream (which has hyaluronic acid), this Face Contour Cream before other steps (detailed in following posts).

I have combination skin so I always test in an inconspicuous area before I try anything new.  AND, since I’m also allergic to bee stings, I was especially careful with this cream.  I had zero reaction from this cream!   It has a nice, light vanilla / honey scent

Hyaluronic acid, by the way, is in many serums and creams, and it encourages moisture to be drawn into the skin.  BUT a word of caution:  It is NOT a moisturizer on its own.  If you put plain hyaluronic acid on your skin (I make my own hyaluronic serum) and you do not put a moisturizer on top of it, it will draw moisture OUT of your skin.  So it’s important to know a bit about this ingredient and to always put a moisturizer on top of it.

Next up:  Firming / Sculpting cream AND sun protection


Improving skin after weight loss : A multi-part series.

A weight loss and wellness journey doesn’t end at the scale.  Once the weight is gone, it’s important to maintain your skin.   Moisture is important and drinking plenty of water is important.  But still and yet, you will end up with skin that is not as tight as it once was.  In my case, I was mortified to find that my old double-chin was now replaced by a ‘turkey neck’!

Thus, I’ve started yet another quest to do all I can to eliminate this atrocity.  I’m not in the market for plastic surgery and as always, I am looking for products or a combination of products that might help that include some ‘outside the box’ thinking.

I seem to be off to a good start.  While I know that skin renewal / turnover is usually a 4 month cycle, I am already seeing some results.

This post and the subsequent posts, detail a series of products that I have found useful.  Please ‘Comment’ if you have any questions or if you’d like links to purchase these products.

AND I highly recommend visiting a spa regularly for a facial.  They lift your spirits and lift dead skin and dirt from your face that you don’t even know is there.

PevoniaStarting with basic skin care at home, I wash my face with a cleanser for combination skin (since that’s my skin type.)  Finding a cleanser that will clean but not strip your skin is important.   I like the Pevonia, shown here.  I was introduced to this by a local spa owner and the line is really nice and very affordable.  Initially I used the sensitive skin cleanser and recently moved to the combination skin version.

(edited 07Aug15) Something to remember: Whatever you do for your face, be sure to do the same for your hands.  That’s right.  Use the same toners, serums, creams, masks and treatments on the back of your hands and your decollette as well as your face.   You’ll be happy you did it!

After rinsing and patting dry, I use a light organic rosewater toner.   This step remains the same, morning and night.  From here there are some differences.

At night, I then use the Pevonia Botanica Ligne Radiance Renewing Glycocide Cream, which is a glycocide cream.  For me, this can tingle from time to time.  And on my neck?  It really can tingle.  But since I can’t tell that it’s doing any damage, I stick to it.  It contains glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and chamomile and for me, I find it to be  smoothing and it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines. It is said to improve skin texture and I tend to say that it does.   Yes, it is hydrating but this is when I prefer to then use not one but two different creams that are firming, and lifting.   I occasionally use this in the morning as well, in the place of a serum.

Up next:  Moisturize and Contour naturally, organically and cruelty-free