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Suki S. Miller I deal with it the way I’ve always dealt with artists’ block: First, I step away from it for a bit. That could be an hour, a day, or even a week. Secondly, I put my concerns in my daily morning meditation and now, it seems the block is broken rather quickly. The ideas begin to flow!
Suki S. Miller This is hard to answer because I’m so new at this. I enjoy it immensely and enjoy putting my thoughts into words. Obviously, many people will say they like working at home. But I’ve worked out of my home (as well as my company’s office) for 14 years now, so that is not something that has changed for me. Some will say it’s the flexible hours, but again, I’ve done that for years. And also, there are those who will find the lack of structure, but I’ve always been very structured with my time, so that isn’t a benefit.I know it sounds trite, and I promise, I was never a beauty pageant contestant, but I think the best thing is knowing there is a possibility that what I write can help others.
Suki S. Miller As a first-time author, I had very little advice to start with. A friend who writes mystery novels just gave me this bit of advice “double space, Times New Roman 12” Yup – that was it! he he he   Yes, there’s a lot to learn, especially doing it the way I did. But I navigated through the system myself.It didn’t hurt that I work full time as a manager and a graphic designer. That was helpful with cover art and concept. And about 40 years ago, I was an administrative assistant, so typing, sentence structure and grammar are second nature for me. (BUT no matter how good you are, spellcheck is always your friend!)The best advice? Be passionate about your subject and research, research, research. If you’re not passionate, then you could become discouraged.
Suki S. Miller Currently? Since the print version just now became available, I’m working on PR and sales for the book.The next will probably have a lot to do with healing.
Suki S. Miller I am inspired by subjects that are fascinating to me, and by my own quest for knowledge and by my wish to share what I learn with others. I’m of the belief that when we stop learning, we’re dead. Thus I’m constantly learning and I’m constantly trying to improve my life, my spirituality, my heart, my home and myself.I’ve always been passionate about animals and animal rights and am considering at some point (it may not be the next book, but soon) to write about this subject and to highlight the plight of the wonderful beings on our planet who are the most downtrodden and the most abused – the animals.Another upcoming subject: The difficulty of navigating our current ‘western medical’ system and overcoming the roadblocks that are there for us thanks to government regulation and medical ‘professionals’ who participate in those road blocks that are counterintuitive to healing and wellness.
Suki S. Miller In a meditation with a facilitator, I was told that I should write and that I should teach. Since I have never been a writer nor a teacher, I was flummoxed by this. However, several months later, as my weight began to fall off with meditation, it became clear to me what I was to do: Write about it and teach others to do what I’d done. So, the answer? It came from my own life experience and my own discoveries.