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Visualizations – with a dose of reality.

Recently, someone who had read the book asked me about the visualizations I use in my meditations for weight loss.   She asked me if I visualize exactly how my body will look.

I don’t do that and here is my reasoning.   First, I’m 60 years old so to visualize myself in a 24 year old body would lead to frustration.  I think it’s important to be realistic in our expectations when we are setting our goals.  In my case, I’ve set a weight for my body and with my daily meditations, I continue to reinforce that thinking.  I figure that my mind and my body will find the right ‘shape’ that goes with the weight goal I’ve set.

Also, in being realistic, I may always have a bit of a tummy (though it is flattening a bit every pound I lose), and may always have the extra skin that now is a reminder of the departed fat.  FlabbyArmDownload(And NO that’s not me on the left!) At a certain age, the skin just won’t tighten like it once did.  Oh, you can bet I am working on it, but a dose of reality is important to keep me from being disappointed.

When setting my goals, I set them in stages.  In the initial stage of my daily meditation, I use a positive affirmation:  “I am a healthy, pain-free ___ pounds with a vibrant and disease free mind, body, heart and spirit.”  This is my ultimate goal.  BathScalesDownloadHowever, I also set the intention of intermediate goals.  In my case, the first goal was to have a NORMAL BMI, which of course I attained almost 4 months ago.  Once I reached that, I keep the next goal in sight, usually in 5 pound increments.

With my initial positive affirmation, my brain and my body are now on board with the ultimate goal and they are making it happen.  When I hit plateaus, as we all do, then I change things up a bit with my food and hydration.

So, yes!  Visualization is powerful.  But realize that your body is only capable of so much.


I lost the weight. Now it’s time to fine-tune

I met my first weight loss goal a few months ago, when my BMI indicated I was no longer overweight and was ‘normal’.  I then immediately set another weight goal and essentially, that is to get rid of this tummy!   Wow!  Even a thinner person can have a tummy and I just HATE it.

So I’ve done some reading to find anything that I may have missed that could help get rid of the belly fat, and came up with a few simple teas that I can make.  The article I found was from a website that I follow, called

I’m really enjoying most of their articles and the one I found highights various ingredients added to warm water, to help with weight loss and losing belly fat.  So I’m now the official guinea pig for these mixtures and my main goal – no more tummy!  The truth is, they’re really tasty, too!

Before I get into the details of the mixtures, I really should talk about the ingredients.  They’re really simple, easy to obtain and of course, yummy.  TeaIngredients

As always, I’m going organic.  No need in putting poison in my healthy food!   Organic lemons are fairly easy to come by and generally quite nice in the markets.  Obviously, there are no real lemon trees here in S. FL, so we’re at the mercy of the usual suspects when it comes to supermarkets.   (My potted Meyer Lemon trees do give me a half-dozen grapefruit-sized lemons each year.  I’m not sure if they have the exact same properties as the usual Eureka lemons we’ve seen for years.  I use the Meyer Lemons for an occasional citron martini and don’t generally use for other purposes.)

But the other ingredients?  There are great resources out there.  This honey is amazing and if you’ve read my previous posts about skin routines, you know I love honey and bee products.  This one is in a  raw, natural state, organic and as good as it gets.  It’s from YS Organic Bee Farms and I buy it from Amazon.  The price has gone up some because of the loss of bees across the planet thanks to spraying for mosquitos and other insects.  I know I personally have seen a big decline in bees here in our town.  Once, they were easy to see.  Now, not so much.  I use this in herbal teas as well as recipes.

The cinnamon is excellent as well.   Some health food stores may have the organic version, but if not, you should be able to find it online and I believe this one came from Amazon as well.  There’s another excellent brand called ‘Simply Organic.’

So the benefits are:

Honey:  First, it gives you the sweetness you may crave and just may keep you away from other sugars that have zero nutritional value.  It’s good for digestion.  However, please be sure you do NOT purchase honey that is processed.  You will lose all the benefits of honey if it’s been boiled or processed in any manner.  Raw is the way to go.

Lemon:  Fresh lemon juice is known to increase your metabolic weight and thus, you burn calories faster.  It also is a great way to alkalize your body.  I’d stay away from the lemon juice that is in little plastic containers that look like lemons.  It’s been boiled and pasteurized and who knows what is left, if anything, that might be good for you.

Cinnamon:  This wonder spice stabilizes blood sugar levels and helps curb cravings.  It’s an ancient spice mentioned in ancient texts.

Now, to combine, here are three drinks that are helpful:

I’ve been doing this one morning and noonWith a cup of hot, purified or distilled water, add a tablespoon of organic raw honey, a tablespoon of organic, fresh squeezed lemon juice and one teaspoon of organic cinnamon.   Stir until the honey is dissolved and the cinnamon manages to break up and become part of the tea.  You’ll need to stir this several times until you’ve finished the cup.

This one is good for the morning on an empty stomachTo a cup of hot, purified or distilled water, add 2 tsp of organic lemon juice and 1 tsp of organic raw honey.  It will not be as strong in taste as above, but it should be helpful.

And then, this one is recommended to drink half of the recipe in the morning on an empty stomach, and the other half in the evening after your dinner:  To a cup of BOILING purified or distilled water, add 1 tsp of organic cinnamon and 1 tsp of organic raw honey.

All of this and more can be found here:  Drink for Weight Loss   I give credit and gratitude to the following for the above: who shared the article sourced from