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Puffy eyes in the morning? Quick fix!

Some days, I wake up with puffy eyes.  There are a number of causes – water retention, sinus conditions are a few.  Some mornings, there is no way to tell what caused it but there they are!  Fat bags under my eyes!

I’ve learned to get rid of these rather quickly through lymph drainage.  I sleep on my right side much of the time, so my right side is where I feel clogged lymph glands just in front of and slightly below my ear.  When you wake up with puffy eyes, eye bagif you put your index finger in front of your ear, and your middle finger behind and pull down slightly, you may feel tenderness.  This means that your lymph glands haven’t drained through the night.  Unlike your circulatory system which has your heart pumping to move fluids, the lymph system does not have a pump.  It’s pretty much gravity-driven, thus the accumulation if you’ve been sleeping in a certain position.

The pictures were taken this morning just after I woke up, so please, don’t be alarmed! At least you can’t say I only show the ‘pretty’ side of life!   It’s frightening, I know.   Above is an example of the bags I had today.  Some days I have none and some days they’re worse than this.

There are very complicated routines to drain your lymph system and I do recommend that but if you’re looking for a quick fix, try this method.   Find where the tenderness is. Ear Lymph In my case, it was in front of and every-so-slightly below my right ear, since I slept on my right side a great deal of the night.  The way I do this is to put my fingers in front of and slightly behind my ear, and gently pull down a few times.  Then,  with my other hand, I locate the hollow at the top of my sternum (breast bone) and in the center at the base of my neck.

I then begin to massage and pull down on that area.  I don’t use a lot of pressure.  That creates a suction in the lymphatic system and helps to release the pressure from the area around the ears.

I continue this for a minute or two.  If it is really bad, I will repeat the procedure a few times.   However, in just a matter of minutes, the puffiness and the bags are gone.

NeckLymphFor morning and evening cleansing, I use a facial chamois to remove the cleanser that I use to wash my face every morning.  This also can create a nice, gentle ‘pull’ in the area in front of the ear and facilitate the drainage.

This is a video Daily Lymphatic Drainage Massage that demonstrates a version of this technique by Melinda Lee / Sexy over 50 YouTube channel.  This version is far more comprehensive than what I have detailed.

If you have a cold or sinus issue, you will find that this will relieve pressure in your face and in your neck and throat.