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The pitfalls of NOT being mindful

While on vacation, the Mercury In Retrograde theme continued. I noticed our friend’s car had a flat on the front right, and we phoned the auto club to have a spare put on so we could drive the car to have it replaced.  They were to arrive in 45 minutes.  They arrived 2 hours and 45 minutes later.  Then the guy wanted the car to be driven to the road so he didn’t have to back in.  I was agitated!  To drive a car with an obviously flat tire would ruin any chances that the tire could be repaired.  So I insisted that he do his job.

Ok, so I lost my peaceful ‘mode’ for a few minutes.  I went upstairs to grab my shoes and started down the stairs.  I was briefly distracted by a phone call from the auto club, and when I looked at the screen to turn it off, I stepped off the third step from the bottom, thinking I was already at the bottom.  Oh, goodness, that was an ugly fall!

I ended up with two badly sprained ankles, bruises up my shin and a badly torqued right knee.  It took a while to get up the stairs.

Immediately after fall

Immediately after fall

I slathered on Vitamin K cream, which I had on hand and elevated all with ice packs for several hours.  It took three days to walk without that ominous horror-movie ‘thump, drag, thump, drag’. Of course, I was on vacation so it wasn’t too inconvenient.  I began just sitting in the sea twice a day.  The salt water helped, as did the energy of the earth.

I didn’t beat up on myself too badly.  I feel it is simply an important message from my guides that mindfulness shouldn’t be left behind while on holiday.  It’s vital that we all stay in the moment. Distractions can be dangerous, even deadly.

I do feel the Vitamin K cream helped with the bruising, believe it or not.  I can’t imagine how nasty it would look if I’d not immediately slathered it on and immediately gone to the ice packs.  Now home, I am treating with my own essential oil blend that I concocted a few years ago for swelling and sprains.  I’ve also upped my liposomal Vitamin C, liposomal glutathione and turmeric in an attempt to speed healing. Should anyone like to know how to make the oil blend for swelling, please just comment below or email me. Can someone tell me why my ankle is swelling in places where it’s not even black and blue?

As for now, my massive, swollen ankles and knees are a black and blue reminder of the importance of mindfulness. At least I can say this: the change of colors gives me something new to see daily!

Right Foot next day

Right foot the next day with swelling and new colors.