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The Key to a Peaceful, Prosperous Life? Banish lower energies!

I have done everything in my power to keep politics out of my blog.  However, this country is coming to the point where the politics at play can and will harm any chances we have of moving forward and moving into the light as a people, as a species and as a planet. The danger?   Lower energies.

Lower energies: What are they? Fear, lack, hate, bitterness, selfishness, resentment, bigotry, violence, anger, and much much more.

In a Facebook discussion on the timeline of one of my friends, I began to examine what is going on in this country on a more metaphysical level.  I’ve been personally, in my meditations, getting rid of lower energies as much and as consistently as possible. About 14 months ago, I began to physically do the same, distancing myself from anyone who personifies lower energies, as well as using Facebook tools to block and unfriend those types.

You know, once this ‘culling’ began in my life, where I started getting rid of these people over a year ago, I have realized when analyzing, that they were never contributing anything to my life whatsoever anyway. I’ve not missed a single one of them.

Remember, you will attract in your life what you put forward. If you put forward compassion and love, you’ll attract the same. Those who are unable or unwilling to live in that manner and who put forward opposite, lower energies will attract the same to themselves. It is your choice of course, but when you cut those types out of your life, you are now able to move forward yourself in quantum leaps. Your power to do good will intensify and isn’t that what we’re all here for?

They were ‘hangers-on’ who were trying to enjoy the good positive energy of those like us, without actually contributing any of their own. Now, whether that is because they HAVE no good energy of their own or because they chose not to, is of no consequence. They are leaches. They are small, dark beings living in their own dark world of their own making, living in hate and resentment and refusing to move forward. They always have the choice to move forward but it is their choice. You will not teach them if they do not want to learn.

It is just recently that it has come to me that the entire Trump movement is a massive, ugly metaphor the worst of the worst on this planet. They embrace fear, selfishness, hate, anger, violence, ignorance, bitterness and all the while, do nothing to help others – not other humans, not society, not nature and not other beings.

Step back, my friends.  Look at your life, your country and your planet in the larger view. When you do that keeping in mind that the lower energies are harming us all, and they have become increasingly prevalent in the form of a political movement BASED ON lower energies, I hope you will see how dangerous this situation is.

Please everyone, move away from lower energies. Embrace truth.  Do the work. Ban the lower energies and those who exhibit those energies from your life.

Move into light.  Move into compassion.  Move into love.  Move into truth. Your health will improve.  Your life will improve.  Your point of view will improve.  And the sooner you eliminate the toxic energies and people in your life, the sooner you and those around you will move forward.



The BEST elephant charities, where your dollars do more good.

As an ardent supporter of animal rights, it is no secret that I am passionate about helping them. Through all our efforts, the poaching has not abated.   Add to that the disgusting murder of elephants by trophy hunters such as Donald Trump’s arrogant sons, and it has become quite the mission for me to help in any way I can.

I’ve begun to notice the massive number of emails coming to my email box asking for financial support for elephants.

African ElephantsThere are so many, and many I have not heard of. They seem to be popping up everywhere. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE CHECK THEM OUT BEFORE DONATING to be sure our dollars do the most good. Thus I began a small study, to find who is valid, who is not, who is actually getting results.

You’ll read/hear the term NGO. NGO’s are a non-governmental organization is any non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group which is organized on a local, national or international level.

This article below is rather good.

The upshot: Of the global NGOs, Wildlife Conservation Society is credited with doing the most effective work in Africa. Their overhead is relatively low and they are very hands-on and partnering with governments, thus not handing off to other charities.

Another that looks good is an on-the ground organization in Africa is African Parks: From the article linked at the bottom of the post, “NGOs like African Parks, which take on the management of protected areas in partnership with governments, are increasingly attracting donor funds because they are accountable for their actions. In signing formal public-private partnership (PPP) agreements, they secure full management responsibility for a protected area and are held responsible for what happens under their watch”.

As always, my favorite, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust does amazing work and it’s a multi-pronged operation – saving orphaned elephants and reintegrating into the wild, with anti-poaching units, air units, and dog units. They also help other animals.

Something I want to learn more about is how we can be proactive in immediate governmental bans on ivory worldwide.  The ‘phase in’ thinking isn’t helping and the need is immediate and desperate.

I’ll be posting more on these groups as I find links and will also post here and on Facebook and Twitter.…/elephant-charities-…/