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  • Suki Stewart

    Your first name is my nickname. 🙂
    Not common and sorry to ‘meet’ you under unfortunate events. I hope the woman that hit your friend is tried for intentional murder or premeditated. Unfortunately, we will then be supporting her as she sits in prison.

    • Agree on all points. As it happens, however, I have a fundamental problem with capital punishment because I feel it gives the soul an ‘out’ after it has done something unconscionable. The best retribution is to just live it out.

      I think the entire situation is just awful. There are so many things wrong with this perp. She was TRYING to hit someone on a bicycle? God made her do it? I mean seriously, she’s a couchful for any psychiatrist for years to come. I suspect, though, that it will be discovered that she was chock full of drugs that she had no business taking. And if they were prescribed, I hope the doctor is found to be complicit. Remember, Michael Jackson’s doctor was found guilty for his over-prescribing.

      In looking at this woman’s images online, it appears she is an attractive person – or once was. Who knows what was involved? So many questions. All I know is that our lovely, glowing friend is gone.

      Thank you for your comment. Please feel free to contribute on this blog any time!

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